DHA Peshawar

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DHA Peshawar 

DHA Peshawar

About Us

The idea of establishing Defence Housing Authority Peshawar was conceived in the year 2007. The ensuing period saw the processes of thorough deliberations, identification and selection of number of sites, legalities, the legislative necessities and acquisition of Lands. DHA Peshawar is a statutory body formed under an Act of Parliament called as DHA Peshawar Act 2009. With firm legal and legislative grounding the Authority embarked upon the task of providing a sustainable, healthy and first of its kind housing society for the population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This housing society is going to take off with remarkable planning and meticulous urban development, and will ultimately evolve as the largest and leading residential estate of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. DHA Peshawar profoundly holds the privilege of being the first housing authority that provides the world-class living environment and well-guarded community with amenities of quality life. By the promising growth and advancement, through leadership, vision and innovation, DHA has poised itself to be the preferred housing provider in the country. The authority regulates the impeccable functioning with a well-managed and governed administration providing the best educational, recreational, cultural and civic facilities to the residents in an aesthetic environment. DHA has attained a valuable status serving as a benchmark for providing unparalleled living standards in Pakistan.

Pakistan Defence officers Housing Authority Peshawar currently owns and manages over an area of 6000 Kanals, aimed to house and serve thousands of families.


  • Welfare of Armed Forces Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers Non Commissioned Officers & Soldiers who retire from their services after serving the state commendably and selflessly, and the wards of shuhadas who have laid their lives for nation’s future.
  • Develop urban communities.
  • Provide modern living standards.
  • Offer sustainable infrastructures.
  • Generate environment friendly developments.
  • Facilitate People with essential civic facilities i.e. Health, Education & Entertainment.
  • Build our socio cultural fiber by reconnecting communities.
  • Promote religious harmony by defining communal worship centers.
  • Encourage educational pursuits by designing modern centers of education